Easy Administration Tools

Registration, Administration, and Content Management

Synrgise has three distinct methodologies for administrating learners and learning on the system, namely:
User Driven, Admin Driven or System Driven

Each methodology is geared to a specific need. Our powerful learner assessment engine allows for object knowledge testing with a several question types. Learning is not just about course content, it’s about giving the learner access to information, and tracking learner access.

Through our repositories and communication system, just in time learning can occur with measurable feedback on progress.

Communication Administration

Synrgise is more than a Learner Management system (LMS). Synrgise not only engages a learner through courseware, but all other communication channels allow for learning and learner management to be far more effective.

Training Administration

Synrgise is a full, end to end training administration system. Our system allows you to create, track, and report on all online training and classroom training.

LMS Administration

  • The LMS user page can be customised to suit your needs
  • Users can be organised into groups/ hierarchical based organisational structure
  • Users can receive notifications via SMS and Email
  • You can add infinite additional custom fields (NLRD reporting, SAQA etc.)
  • Courses can be grouped into curriculum
  • Report by user, groups, or tree structures

CMS Administration

  • User groups
  • CMS and E-Mail notification policy
  • Language customisation and import/export via web interface
  • Subscription to groups or system can be free or moderated