An End to End Training Solution

Training Delivery and Experience
April 21, 2017

An End to End Training Solution

Synrgise Learn’s administration capability enables organisations to manage the entire training, talent and performance cycle within their company.

With the ability to manage user registrations and enrolments centrally, via managers and “limited” administrators or self service, Synrgise Learn caters to any project requirement and roll-out.

More than just managing employees and their training, Synrgise Learn enables administrators to generate compliance based reports, these include: Workplace Skills PlansAnnual Training Reports and Employment Equity Reports.

The entire administration platform is powered by a powerful Synrgise Workflow Engine, allowing for automation of user registrations, enrollments and tracking. And by enabling redConnect, Synrgise Learn can plug into any existing AD, HRMS or Payroll platform for easy user synchronisation

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