What is blended learning and how does it work?

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What is blended learning and how does it work?

The latest buzzword making its way through the education industry is “blended learning.” This term refers to a combination of classroom learning and eLearning. It takes the flexibility that online learning provides and combines it with the support of the classroom.

This is thought of as the ideal learning solution for the current learner generation, as it appeals to all circumstances, learning styles, needs, and demands. Advocates of this style of learning believe that by incorporating digital and internet communication technologies into study courses, an independent and collaborative learning experience is created.

Of course, blended learning depends on the technical support with which the learning is delivered. The tools used for blended learning need to be up to date, user-friendly, and reliable. These learner tools should be designed to help students review and learn important concepts, keep organised, show what they have learned, track their progress, provide assignments and open a pathway of communication. This technology is called a Learning Management System (LMS). A LMS teaches and supports users through their entire learning experience.

A blended learning approach promises that the learner is more engaged and has the ability to drive their learning experience to a certain degree. Since different learners have different preferred learning styles, a blended learning approach caters to those varying needs.

The instructor also benefits from blended learning as they can receive instant feedback and can easily access learner performance based on online quizzes, tests and assessments.

Corporations and businesses have a preference toward blended learning and are investing in Learning Management Systems. These systems streamline the entire training process. This approach means that employees can access their training materials outside of working hours, and outside of face to face training sessions.

Benefits of Blended Learning in the Corporate World:

Personalised Training Experience

By combining digital technology and face to face training, employees have a customised training experience with personalised feedback. If they struggle with a certain training topic, they have the ability to access resources online as well as ask for help from their instructor. The learner can also make use of multimedia activities and courses that cater to their individual requirements.

For example: if a learner wants to develop their Microsoft Word skills, they can simply log into the Learning Management System and participate in the simulations, tutorials and product demos available. They don’t have to sit through a 2-hour training course, all they have to do is pick and choose what elements they would like to learn and get on with it.

24/7 Access to Training and Learning Materials

Blended learning removes location and time limitations. If the employee is out of the office and would like to take some time to brush up on knowledge, products, or soft skills, they can do so. If they are on the road and need to review a product or service, they simply log onto the LMS and get the information they require.

Corporate learners don’t have to wait for scheduled training any longer, they can address their concerns and questions through online training resources whenever they wish. You can even create an online forum where they can share questions and answers with fellow employees and instructors.

Track Skill Development and Performance

Blended learning makes data tracking convenient and quick. You can use online assessments with a built-in grading structure, instead of grading your employees based on only written exams.

Online assessments have the added benefit of providing instructors and learners with immediate feedback. Virtually all training exercises and activities can be tracked to measure employee progress and skill development. You can also gauge their participation and level of interest through their online forum discussions and participation.

Training Cost Reduction

Blended learning for corporations brings with it cost savings. Employees are doing their job instead of wasting time in a training room, improving the company’s bottom line as opposed to using up precious resources.

Increased Interest

When digital elements are added to training sessions, the learner is more likely to stay focused, interested and excited about the content they are studying. This is because digital equals engagement! Some study or training subjects may be boring and monotonous, but with interactive, online learning, the learner will become more engaged and driven to learn

By using computers to search for information and data, your learners have a quick and easy solution to conduct research. This interaction with resources keeps learners focused for longer periods of time, more focused then they would be searching through books, files and paper resources.

Learner Autonomy and Self-Motivation

By using eLearning materials, the employee’s ability to set learning goals is greatly improved as they have the ability to take charge of their own learning. Through online learning the learner becomes self-driven as they take responsibility for their learning experience. This drives the student to reach milestones and gives them a sense of pride in their individual achievements.

Blended learning instils a sense of ownership over learning, which is a powerful force for propelling the learner to reach their potential.

Learners Learn at their own Pace

As blended learning offers flexibility regarding its online learning, the learner has the ability to access resources via the internet and helps them learn at their own pace as opposed to the rushed learning process of the classroom.

Synrgise and Blended Learning

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