Performance & talent management

A Powerful Tool for managing & developing your team’s skills

Create a culture of continuous learning and development that empowers your team to achieve their goals.

skill development

Set goals & objectives

SynrgiseLearn has identified that to truly reap the benefit of staff skill development, training needs to be directed, mapped, and delivered according to the specific requirements of business, and targeted at growing the business positively. To achieve this, we have several modules that form part of our Talent Management suite.

Set individual and team goals and objectives, and track progress towards achieving them. By aligning your team's goals with your organizational objectives, you can improve performance and drive business results.

feedback fuel

Ignite Your Team's Performance

Provide continuous feedback to learners, which can help them improve their performance and achieve their goals. By providing feedback in real-time, you can help learners stay motivated and engaged.

Talent Transformation

From Strengths to Success

SynrgiseLearn allows for in-depth competency management and attainment. By creating competency tracked courses and competency driven job profiles, learning paths can be automated and organisational competency profiling can be achieved.

Create and manage learning pathways, which are designed to develop specific skills and competencies. By providing targeted development opportunities, you can help your team members reach their full potential and grow within the company.

Evaluate performance

Identify Opportunities for Growth

Each role in your organisation can then be mapped out with specific KPAs, Outputs, and performance measures. This enables you to conduct and score 180” based assessments between managers and staff, completely online and paperless.

Evaluate learner performance using a variety of learning activities, including assessments, assignments, tests, and surveys. By evaluating performance, you can identify areas where learners need additional support and provide targeted feedback and development opportunities.

identify & reward

Spot & Nurture your Top Performers

Track learner progress and performance, so you can identify your top performers and provide them with the recognition and development opportunities they deserve.

In Summary

Our Competency & talent management solution

Allows you to:

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