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SynrgiseLearn is not just a platform for delivering courses, but also a powerful administrative tool that can streamline training program management, improve learner engagement, and help organizations achieve their learning objectives.

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User Management

Add, remove, and edit user profiles, as well as control user access to courses and resources. SynrgiseLearn’s user management feature enables you to import and export users in bulk, assign user roles and permissions, and add customizable user fields.

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Training Management

Synrgise is a full, end to end training administration system. Our system allows you to create, track, and report on all online and classroom training.

Organize courses into learning pathways or into categories, as well as manage course learning activities and assessments.

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Reporting & analytics

Track learner progress, evaluate the effectiveness of training programs, and make data-driven decisions. SynrgiseLearn includes features like customizable dashboards, automated reports, learning analytics, assessment analytics, and compliance reporting.

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Performance & Talent Management

Manage and develop your team's skills with our performance and talent management feature. Unlock your team's potential, improve performance, and drive business results. With SynrgiseLearn, you can create a culture of continuous learning and development that empowers your team to achieve their goals.

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Content Management

Synrgise provides an advanced content management solution, giving you the freedom and flexibility to update your content as required. Use this feature to update banners that display on learners dashboards, knowledge base, content library, custom built pages, and more.

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SynrgiseLearn offers more than just courseware to engage learners. It provides a range of communication channels that enhance the effectiveness of learning and learner management. By utilizing tools like email notifications, discussion forums, messaging, and announcements, learners can receive just-in-time learning and measurable feedback on their progress.

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