Learner Engagement

Elevating Your Training Game To The Next Level

With our motivating and interactive gamification and rewarding features, training has never been so enjoyable. Use SynrgiseLearn to achieve training success.

Learn, play, succeed

Unlock Your Potential with Gamification!

A rewarding game-like learning experience, encourages your learners to reach their goals and give them a sense of accomplishment.

Achievement Badges
Users unlock badges with every learning achievement. These achievements may be customized based on your organisational values as well as the design of the badges.
Leaderboard Rankings
Your rank is determined by the experience points achieved. Learners are motivated to continue training and compete with fellow team members to reach the top of the Leaderboard.
Experience Points (XP)
Get experience points for every action that counts, such as daily logins, course completion, social engagement and much more.
Digital Currency
Learners get rewarded digital currency which they can later use to purchase items in the reward store. This feature is only available if the reward store is enabled.

Learn, Play, Succeed

Reward Learners Achievement!

By rewarding our learners' hard work and achievements, we encourage them to continue developing their skills and growing their knowledge towards new goals.

rewards store icon
Rewards Store
Learners can use their accumulated coins to purchase items in the reward store. These items are predetermined by system administrator and customizable based on budget.
certificate icon
Reward learners who have successfully completed a course with certificate of excellence. Learners are then able to share their success story on social platforms such as LinkedIn or share internally using the newsfeed.
Company Feed
Show your appreciation towards your learners openly on the SynrgiseLearn feed. Reward them for outstanding performance, send them an accolade, a moment of brilliance, or simply mention them in your post. Your team can then see, comment, and high five your post, acknowledging your appreciation.

Embracing social learning

Learn Together, Succeed Together

Our online social learning solutions encourages collaborative learning where learners can exchange ideas, share knowledge, and learn from each other.

Training Delivery

An engaging learning experience

SynrgiseLearn’s learning activities are designed to keep learners engaged from the start with a range of activities, including videos, quizzes, surveys, SCORMs, flipbooks, and more.

Our multilingual LMS provides a seamless and personalized training experience for everyone, regardless of their language. With our platform, learners can enjoy a training experience in their preferred language.

Learn, play, succeed

Always In The Loop!

Keeping your busy learners updated doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With SynrgiseLearn’s communication features, it’s only a few clicks away.

Multi Banners
Promote courses and important information to learners with our interactive banners on their dashboard.
Use the feed to announce any important information you wish to share with your team. Use options such as videos, links, articles and much more.
Notify learners when they have assessments due, changes to courses have been made, or even if a team member has mentioned them in post. Learners will always be in the loop.

Learn on the go

Experience a world of learning at your fingertips!

Keep your learner engaged with their training and peers, even on the go.

Like what you see but not sure where to start?

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