Training Delivery

Utilizing a Best-of-breed Blended Solution

Everyone learns differently. SynrgiseLearn gives you the tools to build a learning experience that is flexible and adaptable to your organisation’s training practices, complete with integrated assessment tools and features that enable learners to take charge of their own training.

Available Types of courses

Deliver courses that are flexible and adaptable to your values and learners needs. Maximize learning outcomes while minimizing costs and disruptions.

SynrgiseLearn provides the flexibility for your learners to either self-enrol by browsing the course library or be automatically enrolled based on user groups and permissions.


SynrgiseLearn offers a built-in course maker that allows you to take your training online. You can add a variety of learning activities to your courses to make them interactive and engaging. These activities include SCORM-compliant materials, tests, surveys, videos, custom HTML pages, and more.


Schedule and manage on-site training for your learners. Our training calendar allows learners to easily book their spot in the class. Track instructor-led classes, view attendance registers, and more, directly on our platform.


Setup, schedule, promote, and manage webinars for your learners, all from within our platform. With features like screen sharing, real-time chat, and interactive polls, you can engage with your learners and make your webinars even more impactful.


Seamlessly integrating e-learning modules, and in-person sessions to create a holistic and engaging learning experience for your learners. Our platform allows you to easily manage and track progress across all modes of learning, giving you a complete view of your learners' development.

Types of learning activities

We are constantly improving our learning activities and regularly adding new and exciting options to keep your learners engaged and motivated.

Tests & Assignments
Build tests, assignments, and assessments to evaluate your learners knowledge and competency.
Custom HTML Page
Create an article with links, embed videos or audio, using our HTML learning activity.
Upload your generated SCORM and xAPI courses from your authoring tool onto our platform with ease.
Get feedback on course materials, managers, and overall experience.
FAQ and glossaries
Aid your learners to easily and rapidly comprehending topics within the course.
Easily upload videos to your course or seamlessly embed from YouTube with a link.
Share resource links to files, documents, presentations, articles and more.
Convert your pdfs into interactive flip books with SynrgiseLearn.
Upload content for your learners to download.
Effortlessly integrate and manage third-party courses - Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, SkillSoft, and Skillshare - within your SynrgiseLearn LMS platform.

Social Learning

Learner Engagement

We acknowledge that achieving a completely blended training experience may not always be possible, therefore, we have developed a virtualised human-to-human learning platform, which enables learners to communicate with each other and their instructors via discussion forums, chat messaging, and virtual classrooms.

Learning pathways

Journey to Success

Build organized training programs with learning pathways by linking multiple courses together to guide learners achieve their learning objectives. To enhance their learning experience, incorporate game-like elements by requiring learners to finish courses in a specific sequence to unlock the next level.

responsive training

The transformer LMS

With the increasing demand for remote learning, having access to an efficient LMS has become essential. Whether you prefer to use your phone, laptop, tablet, or PC, SynrgiseLearn provides a flexible and user-friendly platform to access your training and track your progress.

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