one Platform to Manage them all!

Multiple environments, 1000s of users, various training, one portal.


Make it your own

Make your platforms unique for every instance you have setup, creating a enjoyable and relatable atmosphere for each audience.


Add your logo, colours, fonts, and image styles for a custom look.

White-label URL

Setup custom URLs for each environment and remove Synrgise reference.


Defined by your business rules you can setup different roles, content, features, add infinite custom fields (NLRD reporting, SAQA etc.) and more.

Land the design

Have different design layouts for your login page to truly customize each audience.

Add, track, report

User Management

Manage all users from multiple organisations in one platform. Define the user type, roles, permissions.

flexible and expandable

Training Management

Create and manage courses on one platform and share them between different environments. No fuss, no muss.


Speak the same language

Have different portals around the world? Not a problem! You can import/export language customization via web interface. Now everyone can enjoy the same training experience.

Like what you see but not sure where to start?

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