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Shake things up with a new learning experience

With our all-in-one blended solution.

Training delivery

More than one way of learning

Everyone learns differently. Deliver courses that are flexible and adaptable to your values and learners needs. Maximize learning outcomes while minimizing costs and disruptions.


Administrative Tools

SynrgiseLearn is a world class blended learning training solution vehicle, enabling you to deliver, monitor, and report on online and classroom training.

User Management - Assign custom courses to specific users or groups

Learner engagement

Gamified engine

By incorporating game-like elements into the learning experience, SynrgiseLearn makes learning more engaging, motivating, and even fun for your learners.

This can increase user participation and retention, as well as help to create a sense of community and collaboration among learners. Provide a sense of achievement and progress through the use of badges, points, and leaderboards, which can help users to feel more motivated and invested in their learning journey.

performance & talent

Boost Team Productivity & growth

Today, the need to track and manage learning and development within an organisation has become a necessity in the business world. Synrgise combines technology and innovation in a way that not only supports this need, it excels at it!

A Training Solution you can trust

We continuously strive to improve our learning and customer experience.

customizable and multi-tenant

Unique & Enterprise-Ready

The ability to change not only the look and feel, but the entire interface, means that SynrgiseLearn can be specifically setup to meet all requirements.

Developed locally, SynrgiseLearn is a learning solution specifically designed for our unique environment, and can be customised to suit our client’s specific needs.

Built on best of breed technologies, Synrgise is a rapid learning solution that is quick to implement, robust to use and feature packed.

Mobile App

Learn on the go

Designed to reach any platform, anytime, anywhere. Our mobile learning solutions provide:

  • Full usage tracking
  • Streaming of Mobi videos
  • Online Quizzes and Assessments
  • SMS & MMS interaction
  • Android & iOS Mobile Application
  • Responsive Interface

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