User management

Manage users and team without the hassle

With SynrgiseLearn, you can tailor user experience to suit your organization’s needs and team structures – at any scale.

User training
Simplify further by automating training assignment based on the users role, skills gaps, or allocated group(s).
User access
Simplify further by automating training assignment based on the users role, skills gaps, or allocated group(s).
User communication
Stay in touch with your users by means of email, chats, forums, or reward a user on our SynrgiseLearn feed.
User Activity
Track users activity, progress and skills gap to assist them further. View stats or pull reports on users or groups.

Import and export

Let the LMS do the work

Automate user creation and enrollments, managing large numbers of learners with bulk upload and the API. Seamlessly integrate SynrgiseLearn with your CRM or HRIS so that new users are added to the LMS, as they are added to the other systems.

Groups, branches, teams

Segment users into groups for easier management

Organize users with specified attributes into different groups. Show only relevant content to each group, providing learners with a tailored experience, while making it easier to pull group-specific reports to monitor progress.

  • Bulk upload
  • Import and automate
  • Manually create
  • User self-registration

Roles and access

User types and permissions

Delegate tasks and build a user structure dedicated to your organization’s needs


Administrators, a privileged user group, shape and fine-tune the system to align with your organization's needs and goals.


Instructors build strong connections with learners, overseeing course management, assignment evaluation, forum moderation, and facilitating training sessions.


The Administrator can entrust a group of users to Managers while retaining full control. Managers can then independently generate reports for their respective groups.


Learners prioritize course completion and learning path progress, allowing them to focus on absorbing knowledge and achieving educational goals.


Facilitators, with extensive privileges, customize the SynrgiseLearn Course Shell for a personalized learning experience in a specific course or intervention.


Assessors have exclusive privileges to manage and evaluate assessments in the SynrgiseLearn Assessment Framework.


Moderators closely collaborate with assessors to ensure assessment quality, overseeing processes, verifying results, and ensuring alignment with standards and criteria.


Administrators can use the profile builder to create custom user profiles with selected privileges. These profiles are tailored to meet the specific needs of different user groups and courses.

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