Choosing the best LMS for your Business

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July 18, 2017
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August 2, 2017

Choosing the best LMS for your Business

Over the past decade, advancements in eLearning solutions and the increased availability of broadband connectivity, has made online learning an essential part of corporate training. Due to its ease of use, flexibility, effectiveness, and lower TCO, eLearning for corporations has become a hundred-billion-dollar market, and it only continues to grow.

The only issue is that not every corporate training system is the same, and this makes choosing the right LMS for your business a challenge.

Here, we investigate what your LMS should cover, helping make the choice that much easier for you.

A Single Sign On Solution

Also known as an SSO, a Single Sign on should be a prerequisite for any enterprise software. This refers to the ability to re-use the same authentication mechanism and password for all your enterprise services.

By having to invest in another authentication system only for your LMS, is a hassle (everyone will have to remember another password) and wastes administrative time because your IT team will have to double their work load to ensure your online assets are secure. With that in mind, it also introduces a large security risk, as your password expiration policies won’t be aligned with your enterprise authentication system and your LMS.

Synrgise Learn uses Auth0, which enables us to allow companies to single sign-on with their Active directory, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. No hassle, no time wasting!

An Advanced Reporting System

If you have a corporate training program, you need to evaluate results. You don’t want your employees using their new skills incorrectly in the workplace. This is when LMS reporting becomes a necessity.

Corporate online learning with an advanced LMS, will give you real-time, focused and broader actionable insight into your employees learning progress.

Synrgise Learn tracks every aspect of the learner’s journey on the system, from usage statistics through to overall skills reporting and results.

Importing and Exporting Capabilities

Being able to operate a variety of data formats and having good exporting and importing capabilities are vital features for any enterprise software. This is because a big part of an IT professionals job is to retrieve data from one program and place it in another. Your eLearning platform also requires these capabilities.

Importing information into Synrgise Learn is a breeze. We accommodate any spreadsheet, so there is no hassle with pre-determined formats or column rules.

With our Synrgise Connect plugin, you can further integrate into any ODBC datasource, allowing Synrgise ELarn to work hand in hand with most HR, Payroll and People management systems. (SAP, PeopleSoft, VIP, etc)

Integration APIs

Sometimes manually importing and exporting data is not enough. For those times, you want the ability to integrate a part of your enterprise software directly with another. While some of these integrations can be standard (such as SSO and payment processors), other times you may require flexibility to build a customised integration with software that is not standard.

For this to be possible, you will need integration APIs that your IT team can leverage off to build the customer integration solution that your business requires.

Our RESTful API service for Synrgise Learn is a well-documented web service API that allows external developers to write front-ends, integrations and update information on our platform without the need for any core code customisation.

Corporate Identity and Branding Solutions

Branding and corporate identity is vital to every business. This is especially important for bigger businesses. Enterprise software should always be able to adapt to a corporate look and feel. This begins with the display of business logos and extends through to customised colours, themes and fonts. It should also include the ability to create standard legal and confidentiality disclaimers on any page.

Synrgise Learn advocates a full white label interface for each of our clients so that their brand is carried through to the system with maximum effect. Having your branding represented improves overall staff ownership and buy-in to the system.

Insight and Feedback

We have discussed the need for actionable insight regarding reporting capabilities. User feedback is one of the most powerful tools and you can use this insight to improve your courseware, or any business process for that matter.

This system should be integrated with your LMS, instead of being an afterthought – integrated with your LMS, this becomes an incredibly powerful business tool.

Synrgise ELarn has a Google-like analytics engine that tracks user usage and accesses across the system. You can see where your users are spending their time, what works in terms of content and which content needs to be optimised.

Flexibility of Hosting

Corporate data facilities have evolved with the rise of the Cloud. Many businesses make use of third party Cloud services, while others host their own services in Cloud IaaS platforms, and some prefer to keep everything as their own and tightly controlled in a datacentre. Most common is a mix of all approaches, depending on the service.

Your company’s LMS should provide you the same deployment flexibility.

Whether you wish to host behind your firewall on premise, or make use of our cloud services supported by Microsoft Azure, Synrgise Learn can be hosted and deployed almost anywhere.

Instructor Led Training Support

eLearning is a proven training solution; however, it is not always strictly the best approach. When it comes to certain subjects, your learner may require real-time, classroom training. Therefore, your LMS should offer support for instructor led training (ILT). Instructor led training can take place online via a video conference (webinar) or in the physical classroom or conference centre.

Your LMS should handle all ILT options with the same ease as all other features of your online courses.

Synrgise Learn’s primary learning methodology is that of Blended Training, we aim to drive organisations to utilise a combination of ILT and online to achieve maximum benefit from the system. Full ILT support is available, meaning that you can manage all aspects of the classroom. These include: attendance registers, venue bookings and paper based exams and tests.


Today, the need to track and manage learning and development within an organisation has become a necessity in the business world. Synrgise combines technology and innovation in a way that not only supports this need, it excels at it!

Synrgise is an empowered and innovative technology company specifically focused on learning, talent and performance solutions for the workplace.

For a reliable, easy-to-use, and advanced Learner Management System, look no further than Synrgise.

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